Careers with Business Telephone Network

Thank you for visiting our website.

Something has led you to this site. At this stage, only you know what that is. We can be sure however that at some time in the past, you took a decision that led you to look for rewarding part time work.

The decision to seek part time work may have been about lifestyle, education, parenthood, or any one of a number of other reasons. But the wish to generate income, or a second income stream, was your motivating factor.

We make no secret of the fact that we are aiming to offer individuals an opportunity they have probably never come across before. On the surface, the requirement is very simple and probably familiar - we are looking for a number of part time agents across the UK, to help us find customers for our products and services.

About Us

The Business Telephone Network is a partner company of Global 4 Limited, a long established UK company providing a full range of high quality telephone services and equipment to businesses of all shapes and sizes. (See sample customer list)

Newly formed, BTN has a very simple mission - to build a successful company and in doing so, to enable many individuals to build a profitable stream of part time income.

The management team includes individuals who have had many decades of success in the fields of Sales and Telecoms. Our Sales Agents will have full access to this expertise for training, guidance and mentoring.

Our Promise

If you can prove to us that you have the motivation to work and be successful with BTN, then we will in return give you our commitment to provide full support, backup and training for as long as you are with us. This will be available not only when you join, but on a regular basis thereafter.