The Opportunity

As previously stated, we believe our opportunity is unique in the UK. To our knowledge no one else has to date put together a package as flexible or rewarding as the one we have created.

There are many aspects of our offer that go together to make up this uniqueness. However, there are probably two key factors that make us different to everyone else out there.

The first is that we have structured our offer in such a way that you can choose the hours you work, the days and the frequency. This flexibility, coupled with your ability to work in a face to face environment, or over the phone, is decided by you, not us.

Secondly, we aim to build a strong profitable company over the coming years. We have therefore put together a commission plan that not only rewards individuals for the work they do over a longer period of time than one might expect, but also rewards them at a much higher level than is normal.

The pre-requisites we seek in our agents are as follows:

  • Enthusiastic, outward going individuals with a passing knowledge of sales, or a liking and enthusiasm for meeting with other people.
  • A commitment to allocate a small number of hours on a regular monthly basis (not individual weeks)

And that is about it in regard to skills and experience. Age, gender, background, education are not important (other than an ability to speak the English language).

What is involved?

Our agents are required to canvass local and national businesses to establish whether they would consider changing supplier if they received lower overall costs and / or better customer support. The completion of a simple cost matrix will show the extent of the savings and when the prospect agrees to change, a simple Customer Order Form will require completion.

Our work to date has shown that an existing BT customer can save in the region of 30 - 40% on their monthly phone bills, which is usually.