What we look for

This is not rocket science, nor is it Miss World, or Mr Universe. We seek individuals from all walks of life, skill sets and backgrounds. But common amongst all successful applicants will be an enthusiasm to learn and to put into practice what has been taught.

Our offer to Agents includes the following attributes:

  • To encourage individuals to use their natural ability, skills and enthusiasm for reward
  • An opportunity to build a good income stream over a period of time, by allocating small amounts of time on a regular basis
  • For individuals to choose when they work and for how long in each instance
  • For each customer they find, a commission for every month they use our service (not just a one off payment)
  • To be creative in how they approach the job and develop their customer base
  • Full technical and engineering backup
  • Experienced Sales management mentoring and backup
  • Regular sales and product training sessions
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Scope for promotion if that is desired
  • Performance based incentives