Who We Are

Our Company is called the Business Telephone Network. Newly incorporated, we are a partner company of Global4 Communications, an existing nationwide supplier of telecoms services and products and will be targeting the SME market. The products and services on offer range from the sale of call minutes, phone line and system rental, usage profile analysis, to sophisticated PABXs.

The role of our Independent Sales Agents is simply to go out into the market and find new customers for our rental and call minute plans. For this, we will pay a percentage of the money their customers spend, as commission to the Sales Agent, every month, for as long as the customer uses our service.

If it also transpires that the customer is interested in purchasing phone equipment, the sales lead will be passed to an experienced telecoms sales person. However, to reward the Agent for finding the customer in the first place, the Agent will receive a (one off) commission based on the total revenue obtained.

Benefits to new customers:

  • 30 day contracts
  • Competitive, variable pricing plans, based on total system usage (usually lower than BT standard rates)
  • Seamless changeover from existing suppliers and keep your current numbers
  • Access to online analysis of outgoing call information (within 24 hours of call being made)
  • One of the most modern and comprehensive billing platforms available
  • Most up to date, best of breed hardware for phone systems
  • Locally based customer reps
  • UK based call centres, English speaking operatives
  • The quality of service associated with a smaller, more focused company