Hospices, Charities and Voluntary Groups

The Business Telephone Network and its partner Global4 specialise in providing phone services and systems to the Charity sector. Already a supplier to many organisations, BTN has shown that it can offer some of the best cost structures available, either for the purchase of an internal phone system, or for the cost of outgoing call charges and line rental.

Existing clients include The Salvation Army, The Alzheimer's Society and The Peace Hospice (Watford).

To speak to someone in our Charity Sector, please click here.

Raising Money for Hospices and Charities

In addition to supplying products and services, we have a special "Cause Related" marketing initiative which can help raise money for your Hospice or Charity. This has successfully been trialled and will shortly start to roll out across the country.

To speak to someone and find out how we can help with your funding requirements, please click here.