Billing Platform

The customer billing platform has been developed over several years by our partner company, Global 4 Communications. It offers all of our customers an online billing interface with detailed usage information at their fingertips.

Special features allow customers to obtain clear management information, thereby enabling better business decisions to be made. With full reporting and analysis down to department/cost centre level, it gives you the power to control costs and an improved understanding of your business.

Each month you will be able to access your billing information online in a simple to understand format, with no hidden charges or small print and most importantly, all call charges are calculated to 4 decimal places - no rounding up!

We even have a feature that allows you, after midday, to see the previous day's incoming calls and if you really want to be clever, an optional feature that will permit you to see who has tried, but been unable to contact you. (no more missed opportunities because everyone happened to be busy at a point in time)

You'll also receive your invoice consolidating all your telecoms costs into one bill via Email, saving paper and supporting BTN's Green policies.

For more information contact, call 0800-0087930 or complete our online Enquiry Form.