New Customers

Q: How is it possible to save money on your calls?

A: In 1984 the government deregulated the telecoms industry. This allowed for competition with names like Mercury, Cable and Wireless, Energis, Thus and Gamma all able to use the infrastructure and to supply the same calls at reduced prices. So in simple terms BT are offering a cash and carry wholesale department working on the logic that who buys the most pays the cheapest price. You the customer however small or large, benefits from the reduced call prices without having to enter into long-term commitments and retro discounts.

The service is extremely simple. The carrier provides BTN with all your daily calling information. This data is then loaded onto the BTN billing platform, where it is made available for you to view at your discretion via the internet.

We can also report any changes in call pattern or call abuse immediately via remote e-mail alerts, unlike your current set up where you have a paid bill for the month following and reams and reams of paper with you never having time to interrogate the detail.

We are able to offer you a bill on the second day of the working month for VAT purposes and a full reporting on all types of calls made even in graphs if required. Downloadable into a spreadsheet format should you wish to use cost entries in your company management accounts or wish to review each call made.

We simply take the information from your current phone bill and take the costs, divide it by the duration and this will allow you for the first time to see how much it has cost you per minute to make a phone call. We take into account local, national, mobile and any other destinations. The challenge is that BT add up your day, peak and off peak calls into one total. However with our billing platform they will be listed separately so the savings will be greater and your bill will be much easier to understand.

Q: I'm fed up with receiving poor customer service from my current telecoms provider, why is BTN different?

A: BTN, in conjunction with its partner Global 4 Communications, ensures customers have access to a personal and informed UK Customer Service Help Desk along with a dedicated Account Manager. We understand our customers like to hear a human voice as their first line of support and we even follow up maintenance visits with courtesy calls to ensure customer service excellence is delivered.

With 24/7 support for 365 days a year, BTN is renowned for customer service from installation through to on-going account management. Our offices are open from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday and during these times it is equally easy for customers to contact us via email. Outside of these times, calls are dealt with by our out-of-hours team. BTN are passionate about customer service.

Q: I have just signed up for your service, what happens next?

A: Your application form will be processed and assuming there are no issues arising, control and management of your phone lines will pass to BTN within about 10-12 days. Usually, you will receive a letter from British Telecom, and / or your existing supplier confirming the exact date.

At midnight on the appointed date, control will pass to BTN. You will not notice any difference to the operation of your outgoing or incoming calls.

Note: If you have asked to take over your Broadband service, this may take a little longer than the suggested 10-12 days.

Q: Will my existing numbers be affected?

A: Unless you have specified on your order form a change of numbers, you will retain those numbers you have now.

Q: How long have I committed to - is there a minimum contract term?

A: There is a minimum term attached to all our call plan and line rental tariffs - it is 30 days.

Q: What if my existing supplier will not let me change?

A: All suppliers are required by Ofcom Regulations to facilitate the movement of customers form one supplier to another. If there is any suggestion from your existing supplier that they are going to be obstructive, then please let us know as soon as possible.

Q: My existing supplier has sent me a large termination bill

A: A number of suppliers insist on minimum contract terms when they sign up customers. This can be anything between one and three years (normally). Although the Ofcom rules are about to change, there is nothing at present that can be done to remove this charge. If the charge is too great, then we would recommend that you leave things as they are and we will diarise the termination date and come back to you a little while beforehand.

Q: My existing supplier has come back to me with a charge rate that matches the one you offer.

A: Many suppliers have variable tariffs, usually geared to your total spend. At BTN we guarantee to always keep our clients on the lowest possible tariff we can, relative to their spend. Our advice would be for you to consider carefully whether you want to stay with a supplier who is happy to charge you high rates when they can and only offers you lower rates when they think they are losing your custom.

Service & Maintenance

Q: What is included in your maintenance solutions?

A: Telephone system faults, system failure and parts and labour (which includes site visit, remote diagnostics and incident management).

Q: How do I change the time & date on my phone/system?

A: Refer to the relevant telephone system user guide found on the Systems & Maintenance section of our website.

Q: How do I save numbers / use abdial?

A: Refer to the relevant telephone system user guide found on the Systems & Maintenance section of our website.

Q: What are the DND (Do not disturb) codes and common cancel codes for each system?

A: Common cancel code SPK 720 SPK resolves most basic setting issues. If this does not work, refer to the relevant telephone system user guide found on the Systems & Maintenance section of our website.

Q: I'm experiencing problems with my system / PC?

A: Try this simple trouble shooting guide:

  • Reboot router and the PC
  • Change micro filter and any wires if possible
  • Try another router if possible
  • If only 1 person out of several is experiencing the problem then it is most likely to be the actual PC settings
  • If reporting fault to BT ensure you complete regular speed tests to pass over the results

Q: My system is completely powerless (no screen displays) what should I do?

A: First check power to rest of the building and try using the same plug for another item to see if this powers up. If this works, change fuse in telephone system plug.

Q: How quickly do BTN deal with reported faults?

A: Our UK based Customer Service Help Desk is targeted to answer all calls within 6 rings and to log service requests within 60 seconds. Our average customer fault resolution time is just 3 hours and 36 minutes and the installation of new systems can be guaranteed within 4 working days.

Q: How do I get BTN to remotely take control of my machine to help with a problem?

A: Simply call BTN on 01403 272910 and we will talk you through how to access our remote diagnostic support service via the Nationwide Maintenance Support page of Global 4's website.


Q: How do I view my bill on the website?

A: Refer to our Web Billing Instructions Guide on the Customers section of our website.

Q: When will I receive my first invoice from you?

A: All our customers are billed on a monthly basis by direct debit. Your first invoice will be at the end of the month in which your connection goes live. Any fixed charges (e.g. line rental) will be billed pro-rata for the remaining days of that month. All call charges will be billed as normal. Note: All direct debits will be processed in the name of our partner company, Global 4 Communications Ltd.

Q: How do I find my password for the website?

A: If you have lost or forgotten your password for your web bill please send an email to billing@global4.co.uk giving your account number and we will provide you with the password.

Q: When will I receive my bill electronically?

A: BTN offer customers an online billing interface with telecoms information available at their fingertips and one easy-to-read monthly bill which is emailed at the end of each month.

If you can't find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us at service@global4.co.uk, call 01403 272910 or complete our online Enquiry Form.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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