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This section contains a number of news items that we believe will be of interest to both our current and future customers. If there is something happening in our industry that you think is worthy of sharing, please send us the information here.

  • Highest call rate so far?

    16th October 2015

    We previously thought that a tyre company (who became a customer) had the highest call rate charge, which came out at 20.30p per minute for local calls. Well even that has been surpassed by a whopping margin. A company in Essex is paying an astonishing 30.36p per minute with BT - which is some 40 times more than our standard rate. Needless to say, they are now changing supplier.

  • More Charities to benefit

    1st October 2015

    BTN are continuing their mission to help small charities to keep costs low by putting together suitable cost line rental and call packages, along with supplying cost effective phone systems.

    This mission is headed up by Kevin Stoker whose personal aim is to reduce the overhead burden on charities when and where possible. Linked with unique rolling 30 day contracts, Kevin's aim is to empower charities to have maximum control of this part of their budget.

  • Reducing the cost of Business Telecoms

    19th September 2015

    Reducing the cost of your Business Telecoms can be a minefield for those who are not sure where to look, or how to manage the process. This White Paper provides a simple and unbiased guide as to how go about the task. Follow its easy steps and you can guarantee that your company's overall budget will be reduced.

    For your copy of the report, click here.

  • Over charging discovered

    25th August 2015

    BTN regularly carry out telecom audits for  companies. One such recent audit at a firm of estate agents discovered that that their two offices had each been put on a different tariff. This showed, over the previous 12 months, that the more expensive tariff had incurred an additional cost of some £3,500 to the office concerned. Needless to say, the customer is now seeking a refund from their previous supplier.

  • PABX, VOIP, or hosted VOIP

    6th June 2015

    The cloud, VOIP, Hosted VOIP, PABX, digital, analogue

    For those who know little about the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies and more importantly, what is best for their business, the options can appear daunting.

    BTN specialises in de-mystifying the acronyms and helps our customers choose what is best for them, not the supplier.

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