Telecoms Audit

A full telecoms audit is an invaluable tool and can be instrumental in significantly reducing hardware and operational costs. Whilst we have local Agents looking after you, depending on your size and expenditure, it is quite probable that we will have one of our head office experts undertake your audit.

These are the standard areas we cover:

Telephone Lines

  • Number of lines
  • Type of lines
  • Cost of lines
  • Feature lines
  • Usage of lines
  • Alarm, PDQ, faxes
  • Broadband, etc


  • Identifying line cover
  • Risk assessment
  • Disaster recovery
  • Detailing equipment cover

Telephone Calls

Actual breakdown of local, national and International Mobile, 0845, 0870, 0900, 118 numbers, peak, off-peak, weekends and inter-site traffic with the 20 most dialled numbers in each category.


Any rented equipment or current equipment, including handsets and cards installed.

Other Costs

  • Network services
  • Select services
  • Installation cost

How we do it

The BTN report will include not only full details of the above but also how your business can make overall savings, instantly. We also make many suggestions on how further savings can be made including the possibility of using IP within your company. This is coupled with a realistic implementation plan. To request a telecoms audit, or speak to one of our senior staff, please contact us here.