Telephone Systems

BTN and its partner Global 4, are one of the largest resellers in the UK of the world renowned range of NEC equipment. Thousands of installations across the UK testify to its quality, strength and popularity.

Once installed, remote online problem identification backed up by an expert team of field engineers and a 24/7 support option, ensures that even the most time critical of our customers enjoy trouble free telephony 365 days of the year.

Where do I start with a new telephone system?

The NEC range of telephone equipment will fulfill any requirements from the simplest to complex branch network operations running VOIP. Once we understand your needs and aspirations, we will be able to recommend a solution that is ideal for today but flexible enough to cope with future technology.

NEC start with the small XN range of systems from £399.00 for 3 lines and 8 extensions which is fully IP compliant. Using either ISDN or analogue lines, digital or analogue handsets it is then expandable to 24 lines, 72 extensions.

The bigger brother the renowned Aspire system is compliant with all types of lines and handsets, traditional operation with CTI working even rack mounted if required. From 10 extensions through to multi sites. This makes it a system of the future.

Networking telephony

Our project team understands the client's varied requirements. This may include linking your home phone to the office or to 350 sites together around the world.

How can I really reduce my telephony costs?

BTN have a tried and tested audit approach, beginning with a free review of line usage, call profiles & maintenance costs. These findings are then compiled in a full report with sound suggestions of exactly where savings will be obtained. To obtain a free review of your current costs, contact us here.

Line rentals can be supplied with a starting discount of 20% on an analogue line with only a 30 day contract.