At BTN, we believe our portfolio of products and services will provide our customers with the ideal solution to their operational requirements.

It does not matter whether you are currently with BT or another supplier, there are still considerable savings to be made from our (call minute) pricing plans and system supply options, typically in the range of 25% to 40%. The added bonus to you the customer, comes with an assurance that there is no compromise made on the quality of service delivery, support and backup.

We recognise that not everyone will be able to change supplier immediately as existing contracts may be for a minimum of 2, 3 or even 5 years (we have found one company who had signed a 7 years contract - which amazes even us), but that does not stop us talking to you now and helping where we can.

We also recognise that you are probably contacted on a regular basis by companies wanting to supply you with "stuff". At BTN we believe we provide a superb service and offer a 6 point guarantee to all our future customers. All we ask is the opportunity to show you how. Click here for our Guarantee.

And finally, all this comes with just a 30 day contract requirement - that shows in the clearest way possible the degree of trust we have in our people and our abilities.